route to certification

Follow the steps to obtain a Type Examination Certificate for UKCA marking

Download PRO 013 Evaluation procedure here


Exchange of general information about the certification process, including the definition and the characteristics of the product based on the production process, through the UKCA marking application form.

Reception of Technical File

The documents that must be made available: Technical file checklist, and, if applicable, Certificate of first application for Module C2,  Authorization Letter, Sworn Statement-Manufacturer or Sworn Statement-Instructions and Marking

Test Reports*

If necessary or not present, test samples or additional information to complete the file will be requested.

The tests are carried out in a subcontracted laboratory designated by ALIENOR CERTIFICATION Ltd

Issue of Type-Examination Certificate

After the results of the evaluation report are received, the technical file is reviewed and if all is compliant, ALIENOR CERTIFICATION Ltd issues the Type-Examination Certificate.


A change in the state of the art of the PPE and/or a modification of the approved type which may call into question the conformity of the PPE with the applicable essential health and safety requirements requires a new approval in the form of an addition to the initial Type examination certificate.


The 5-year cycle will execute critical tests and simple product checks, scheduled throughout the program.


Reception of documents within Technical File and supporting documents

Surveillance Visit

Plan of the visit is along 2 axis: Conformity to the type of the PPE & Homogeneity of production

Issue of Module C2 decision

After review and decision, the certificate is valid for 1 year

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